Friday, June 1, 2012

Iron Man - Hawkeye and the Black Widow - Talking View-Master Reel (with Audio)

Okay next up for our focus on the men of the Avengers we have my favorite smiling metal man, Iron Man. Or, as the GAF Talking View-Master Spiderman Gift Pak calls him ... other favorite Marvel Comic character (see Thor post).

While the Thor audio sounded like a Ghost Hunter's recording, the quality of the Iron Man audio makes Thor's recording seem like it was brought to you in THX sound. But isn't that part of the fun? I will assume your answer is yes! In fact, the track for slide 7 cut short, I can't tell what it was supposed to say, but it obviously was supposed to say something more than I have recorded.

Now, before we get started I want to point out one thing in this first slide. Tony Stark, for a extremely rich guy, sure has a terrible office. 

That said, lets get going! 

*** I have been informed that when using  Google Chrome the audio player does not display correctly and  instead attempts to download the audio files instead. If you know a work around, please let me know! ***

Hawkeye and Black
Widow Are Loose!

Tony Stark
Becomes Iron Man.

Capture Iron Man,

Iron Man's
Armor is Rusted

Somehow Iron
Man Escapes.

Iron Man Dives
On Hawkeye...

... and

I really love talking reels!


  1. Did June Foray do the voice of Black Widow? In the Marvel Super Heroes cartoons on TV, she always sounded like Natasha in the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons. I kept expecting her next line to be, "Look, dahlink! Is moose and squirrel!"

    1. I do not know. I have never even seen credits for voice actors on any reel set, even the more elaborate envelope and booklet sets. And the recording here is so bad I would hate to even venture a guess!

    2. According to Wikipedia, Peg Dixon voiced the Black Widow in the Iron Man segment of the Marvel Super Heroes TV cartoons. She also was the voice of about every major female character in that series: Pepper Potts (Iron Man's love interest); Peggy Carter, Wasp, and Scarlet Witch in the Captain America cartoons (which adapted some Avengers stories as well as Captain America solo stories); Jane Foster in Thor; and Betty Ross in Hulk.

      John Vernon was the voice of Iron Man, and Paul Soles voiced Hawkeye.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! 2 years and one baby later and I'm back! Hopefully I will be able to keep it going more regularly.

  3. I had forgotten that Hawkeye and the Black Widow were originally villains in the Iron Man strip. Well, that is, Hawkeye started out intending to be a super hero, but the Black Widow unzipped his pants and his brains fell out, and he was her stooge for some time. They both somehow ended up in the Avengers. So did Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, who had previously been in Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Ant Man/Giant Man/Goliath/whatever grumbled about the Avengers becoming a rest home for retired super villains. But I guess a team that had the Hulk as a founding member would not be likely to have strict entrance requirements.