Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thor - The Grey Gargoyle - Talking View-Master Reel (with Audio)

I figure that if I only seem to post every year or so I should at least post something kick-ass.

Long before Jane Foster was an astrophysicist, she was a hot nurse with a major thing for a lame doctor with low self-esteem.Yep, we're talking the Mighty Thor.

In 1977 GAF released the Talking View-Master Spiderman Gift Pak.This canister set featured 6 total reels. One Thor reel, one Captain America reel, one Iron Man reel and three Spiderman reels.

One of the funny things is that on the canister it states ...

Everyone will thrill to the sights and sounds of Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, and other favorite Marvel Comic characters brought to you through the magic of View-Master realism.

Not sure why they totally "and the rest"ed Iron Man, but he did get his image on the box, so it's all good!

Over the next several days View-Master 3-D Spectacular will be featuring the boys of the Avengers. And, thanks to my friend Jonathan, it will be featuring the audio tracks, when available, as well.

At 35 years old the audio is rather scratching and not great quality (okay, it sounds like the recordings brought back on Ghost Hunters Did you hear that, plain as day, it said I was murdered by my father's hand!) but just hearing it makes you feel like you're curled up on a ugly print couch in knee socks and a plaid wool jumper. How many other blogs can offer you that?

So first up on our Avenger's adventure in 2-D is Thor in The Grey Gargolye.

Please note: The Gargoyle isn't that grey.

*** I have been informed that when using  Google Chrome the audio player does not display correctly and  instead attempts to download the audio files instead. If you know a work around, please let me know! *** 

Dr. Blake, It's
a Gargoyle!

Gargoyle Knocks
Them Down.

Blake Strikes
His Cane...

Mighty Thor.

The Gargoyle
Lunges for Thor.

Thor's Hammer
Fires a Charge.

The Gargoyle
is Melted!

Now wasn't that worth the wait? 
No need to answer. Your tears of joy speak louder than words.


  1. Thanks for preserving these. Do you if anyone has those '60s Marvel cartoons ?

    1. available? (don't know how the last word disappeared)

    2. watch it on youtube