Thursday, August 8, 2013

Captain America - The Sleeper - Talking View-Master Reel (no Audio)

Well, sadly, when I went to record the audio to this Captain America Talking View-Master Reel a long, long time ago, I discovered that the attached audio disk was actually for a Pluto reel. And while I would have enjoyed the WFT factor of including it, I thought better of it. 

Now, though he was one of my husband's childhood favorites, I have never been all that familiar with Captain America. I knew the costume and the whole shield thing, but to my shame didn't know anything else about him until the movie and I know that being a movie, what I did learn is probably suspect. 

This one reel story presents Captain America in The Sleeper in which he battles the infamous Red Skull. While I would have loved to include the audio, I hope enjoy.

Captain America in The Sleeper

Captain America
and Red Skull

My Sleeper Will
Destroy You!
The Sleeper
Comes to Life.
A House Crushed
by the Sleeper.
Captain Dodges
a Laser!
America Throws
His Shield.

The Sleeper
is Finished!


  1. This is why I can never agree that video killed still pictures. I can still follow the plot by merely looking at these photos. View-master is still the coolest! :D

  2. The movie made some changes, but if you've seen it, you have the gist of the basic premise: Steve Rogers was a patriotic runt, was chosen for the Super Soldier experiment, and became Captain America. The scientist was killed by saboteurs and his formula died with him, so they could not make an army of super-soldiers. Cap got frozen in suspended animation in 1945, and was found and revived in the present time. One major change was Bucky Barnes. In the comics, he was younger than Steve Rogers, and they did not meet until after Steve became Captain America.

    The Sleepers story was a three-part serial in Tales of Suspense. That was a little before my time, but I remember seeing the adaptation on the Marvel Super Heroes TV cartoon series. It was also reprinted sometime ca. 1970 in a Captain America Annual or "King-Size Special" edition.

    These reels seem to give the impression that the Sleeper robots were activated soon after the Red Skull was killed. In the original story, the Skull was apparently killed in WWII, and the Sleeper robots activated twenty years later, which would have been the present time when the story was first published.

    It scares me no end that I know all this stuff.