Friday, April 23, 2010

Batman "The Purr-fect Crime" - 1966 Part 1 of 2

Batman "The Purr-fect Crime"
Packet No. B4921

When I was five I loved the reruns of the 1960's Batman television show. And I thought Julie Newmar as Catwoman was just about the coolest thing around.

Whenever the show came on I remember running to my mother and having her tie on my orange felt cape (one she had made specifically for these occasions) so that I could run on and off the the couch and around the family room as the show's theme music played. (Yeah, my mom is STILL pretty laid back.)

This show was my first exposure to Batman in any form, at least that I can remember, and even today I still think of Julie Newmar as THE Catwoman.

So it only seems right to me that in 1966, when Gaf released a Batman reel set that it would be a Catwoman story, "The Purr-fect Crime" that featured, of course, Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, Alan Napier as Alfred, Neil Hamilton as Commissioner Gordon, Stafford Repp as Chief O'Hara and Madge Blake as Mrs. Cooper. And then their were the cast of villains, Julie Newmar as Catwoman and her henchmen played by Jock Mahoney, Ralph Manz and Alex Sharp.


Midnight, in the Gotham City Art Museum ... in a dimly lighted hall is a glass display case holding a lovely golden cat statue ... a museum guard hears a "meow," draws his gun: "Who's there?" ... a cat-o-nine-tails knocks the gun from his hand ... a cat-costumed figure springs, the guard falls unconscious ... the figure flees with the cat statue ... At Wayne Manor, the next morning, a phone call interrupts Bruce and Dick's game of three-dimensional chess: "We suspect the Catwoman," Commissioner Gordon tells Bruce ... "It was one of two golden cat statues belonging to Mark Andres, the multimillionaire." Bruce hangs up. "To the Batpoles!" he tells Dick. The two slide down to their secret Batcave beneath the house...

"Catwoman has
stolen a golden
cat statue,"
said Gordon.

Booklet Text
The Batmobile screeched to a halt at Police Headquarters, and Batman and Robin leap out. Gordon was discussing the case with Chief O'Hara as they entered.

"We believe the Catwoman will strike again!" said Gordon. "Andrews owns two of these cats. The second is loaned to the Gothan City Exposition until tonight."

"So if Catwoman is going to steal that one, she'll do it tonight!" exclaimed Robin.

"I'll get the
other golden cat
and get rid of
Batman too!"

Booklet Text
In a downtown alley stood an innocent-looking fur warehouse. But inside it - what a strange office! Feminine decor. An ornate desk; a cat-shaped telephone. On the desk, two golden pedestals - one holding the cat statue stolen from the museum the previous night; the other empty, awaiting the statue's twin. Behind the desk, a beautiful woman, lithe and sleek, dressed in a skintight cat costume: black leotard, boots, long gloves with claws. She was speaking to two men in tiger shirts.

"Leo, did you get the books?"

"Yes, Catwoman," said the taller of the two men. He brought a carton of books and laid them on her desk.

"I'll get the other cat and rid myself of Batman and Robin in one pawstroke," she purred. The men left. She selected a volume, turned to a particular page, and compared the golden cat with a picture. She smiled ...

"This radioactive
spray, Alfred,
will help us track

Booklet Text
The Batmobile zoomed into the Batcave, where Alfred, Batman's faithful butler, was busy tidying up.

"Please help Robin with the atomic power channel, Alfred," said Batman. As they plugged a cable into the reactor, Batman mixed some chemicals. "Alfred, please attach a pressure can to this outlet tube."

"Y'see, Alfred," Robin explained, "we're setting a trap for Catwoman in case she makes off with the second statue tonight. We spray this radioactive mist on an object and then we can trace it on the Batometer. We'll find the Batomete. We'll find her and the statue."

A few minutes later the Batmobile roared up to the Gotham City Exposition. The two Caped Crusaders bought their tickets at the book. A they passed through the gate, the ticket taker picked up a porta-phone and spoke softly: "They're here, Catwoman."

The night, in the
exhibit hall, they
sprayed the other
golden cat.

Booklet Text
It was night, and the Exposition had closed. Batman and Robin were alone in the dim, eerie Hall of Culture. In an alcove, surrounded by Mayan burial sarcophagi, was a stand holding the second golden cat of Mark Andrews.

Batman sprayed the statue. "There, it's done." He looked at his watch. "Time to check the exits. I'll be back in three minutes and twenty seconds." He walked briskly away.

Behind the Boy Wonder, the lid of one of the sarcophagi began silently to open ... open ... open ...

She poisoned
Robin with a cat
scratch and took
the treasure.

Booklet Text
... and Catwoman came padding noiselessly out! Suddenly she sprang at him. "Holy cats!" blurted Robin. Her clawed glove scratched his arm. Instantly he became dizzy and toppled to the floor, calling weakly into the communicator: "Batman, help!"

Batman, in a distant hallway, heard the cry on his communicator and raced swiftly back. He found Catwoman clutching the golden cat - but Robin, where was he?

"You feline devil!" snarled the Foe of Felons. "What have you done with Robin?"

"Now is that a way to greet an old friend?" taunted the Catwoman. "Teach him some manners, fellows."

Her henchmen, Leo and Felix, came bounding in. "You hit him high, Leo, I'll hit him low!" called Felix.

Batman fought
her henchmen -

Booklet Text
ZAP! Batman peppered their pates POW! with potent punches. He knocked Leo THWACK! against a sarcophagus ... the door swung open ... and an unconscious Robin tumbled out!

"Come on, cats, let's get out of here!" and Catwoman, and the three criminals fled with the golden statue, as Batman knelt by his young cohort ...

Later, at her desk, Catwoman laid the two golden cats side by side, covered them with a sheet of paper, traced a pattern ...

He revived
Robin and they
leaped into the

Booklet Text
Back in the Batcave, Batman poked a Universal Antidote pill down Robin's throat. The boy stirred.

"Easy now, Robin," said Batman. "You were drugged with catacol. You'll be OK." As they climbed back into the car, Robin asked: "Did she get the cat?"

"Yes, Robin - just as I planned." The Batometer screen on the dashboard was pulsating. "All we do is follow the blips, and we're on the Catwoman's trail!"

Batman - you're heading into a trap!

Lured to the
Catwoman's lair,
they were trapped
between spikes!

Booklet Text
The blips led them to the fur warehouse. Blasting their way in with the Bat-Beam, they heard a door click shut behind them. Trapped! Catwoman's voice came from a hidden speaker: "Good evening, Batman and Robin. I have a wonderful night planned!" Things happened fast ...

Sharp spikes popped out of the walls ... the walls moved toward them! "Holy ice picks!" said Robin. But Batman felt of the spikes - they bent. Rubber! "Haha!" laughed Catwoman.

A panel opened; a hand threw in a bomb. POP! It gave off smoke, but didn't explode. A little flag popped out, bearing the word MEOW!

"You have to admit that was funny, Batman," she said. "Now, wave bye bye to Robin."

A clear plastic tube came down over the Boy Wonder and he was sucked up, WHOOSH, out of sight.

"You feline devil!" said Batman.

"Choose a door
she said. "I'm
behind one ...

Booklet Text
She spoke again into the microphone, "Batman, are you a betting person? "I never gamble," he said stiffly.

"This time you'll have to. In front of you are two doors. I'll stand behind one of them. Behind the other is a ferocious tiger. Which door, Batman - the lady or the tiger?"

He hesitated ... reaching for the door at the right ...

"... behind the
other is a tiger!"
Batman chose

Booklet Text
The door swung open, and ... catastrophe! A tremendous tiger sprang out at the Gotham City Crimebuster!


Will Batman ever see Robin alive again?
Will Robin ever see Batman alive again?
Will our Daring Duo escape the claws of the wily Catwoman?

Tune In for the thrilling conclusion
Same Bat-Time,
Same Bat-Channel!


  1. DEAR GOD, do I LOVE those b/w line drawings. They are unbelievably cool.

    Plus, Julie Newmar, so that's a +5.

  2. Rob!: Yeah, they are fantastic! I wished View-Master still issued envelope packs with illustrated booklet.

  3. The Batman and Dark Shadow packets were my favorite View-Master packets when I was a child.

    I was very disappointed when GAF first turned the accompanying booklet into a puzzle or picture booklet instead of a story booklet---and then dropped the booklet entirely. I was such a geek that I tried to figure out exactly when to read the booklet, when to read the disk captions, and when to look at accompanying slides or illustrations!

    I don't know if you intend to post the Tarzan packets or some of the later superhero ones, but I'm hoping you do. :-)

  4. Just found your blog. Cool.
    I love View Master too. Batman was my all time favorite reel pack.

    They were like the VHS-DVD for me.
    It was the only way we could watch our favorite shows whenever we wanted.
    I LOVE the fact that they were 3D!

    Shameless plug alert!!!!

    I have tried to recreate the 3D feel with some of the reels that I have.
    It is not the same as looking through your favorite viewer but it is something.

    Keep up the good work! I know how much time it takes to get good scans.

  5. I remember this so well. I was a View Master

  6. Sorry guys, not getting my Blogger notification again.

    Anonymous: I had know idea that they ever released them with puzzles! I'll have to keep an eye out. My next set is a gifted reel set of MASH but reels but I think more super heroes after that.

    Brian B.: Plug AWAY! I've got one of your sites linked BUT I will get the other up shortly.

    Tim: I've only had the set for a few years but I TOTALLY remember that episode. I have always loved any episode with Catwoman but I think I was kind of scarred by Mr. Freeze.

  7. I never saw a View Master packet with puzzles; the ones I saw had story booklets, or no booklet at all. The Batman set was the first time I saw the TV cast in color. The show was filmed in color, but a lot of us only had b&w TV sets in the 1960's. And I was just old enough to appreciate the obvious advantage of being able to see Julie Newmar in full color (and 3D).

    1. LOL - Julie Newmar is awesome. I personally think that reruns of Batman help warped my development. From the time I was little, I have always had this weird association between bikini clad women in cages and sex.

  8. I had this when I was a kid. The nostalgia SWEEPS over me and these view master pictures still holds up with atmospheric excitement, and kinda shadowy noir-esque looking, plus sexy Catwoman, showing what brought me to Batman in the first place!