Monday, April 12, 2010

Aquaman "The Menace of the Land-Sea Beasts"

Aquaman "The Menace of the Land-Sea Beasts"
Reel No. RP1167

Who needs huge muscle-bound flying men and crime-fighters with big toys when you can have a ruling King with wavy blonde hair and a swimmer's build?

Sadly this reel was released as one in a collection of comic hero reels and didn't included its own paperwork. In this case it was
packaged as part of a Good Guys Gift Pak including an individual reel of Wonder Woman in "Peril Over New York" and set of Captain Marvel marketed as Shazam! in "The Return of Black Adam" among others. All of which I plan to share in the near future.

But quite frankly Aquaman is a favorite and because he rules I wanted to share this reel first.

And as a bonus these very scans have FINALLY gotten me my F.O.A.M. certificate from Rob Kelly's awesome Aquaman Shrine.

From my research I believe that this Aquaman reel was never part of its own reel and sleeve set. There was a point when Gaf started to reissue 3 reel collections to help get rid of back stock and then later started issuing 7 reel collections in round white reel container in their canister sets. Eventually producing new reel for these collections. It look like Aquaman was part of this later group.

So, with no more delay, here is Aquaman, the eye-candy of the DC Universe, in "The Menace of the Land-Sea Beasts"

"Dr. Beard's
atomic ray gun
changes animals,

But the ray
"leaked" to the
coast of

... and changed
land animals
into savage
sea creatures!

"They attacked
Dr. Beard's
diving bell!"

Aqualad seized
Dr. Beard's
ray gun. He
reversed ...

... the switch,
and the beasts
returned to

"Thanks!" said
Dr. Beard. "My
invention worked
too well!"


  1. Where has this website been all my life???

  2. Matthew: Glad you like it! Every entry is beyond tedious but once I get one up it's SO worth it.

    Next up is the 1966 Batman television show. I'm hoping to have it up no later than PM on Monday.

  3. I'm pretty sure I had that one - I'll know as soon as I see it.

  4. Welcome to FOAM!

    Kind of amazing there's not a single close-up of Aquaman in the whole reel.

  5. Rob!: I'm pretty sure it's jealousy. The more woman exposed to Aquaman's devastating good looks, the less of a chance there is for the average guy.